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Your business is unique.

Your digital strategy should be too.


What we do: We work with business leaders and management teams to better align products and services, and marketing messaging with customer expectations and needs. The result? Better bottom-line performance for our clients.

Our approach: Impartial strategic and operational expertise is at the heart of Extol Digital. By leveraging more than two decades of successful digital media experience, we're able to provide businesses, service providers and brands with a clear digital vision, strategy and roadmap to growth and success.


Christian Hendricks is a well-known, award-winning and highly-respected digital media executive known for helping businesses drive results while having fun and keeping it real. He is a people-focused leader with twenty-five years plus public and private company digital, marketing, product, audience, innovation, revenue, strategy, operations, M&A, board of directors, and P&L experience and responsibility. His “we” not “me” leadership style has been key to the many successes realized throughout his career.



"Chris is a remarkable individual whose cat-herding skills have benefited both McClatchy and the entire local media industry," said Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates. "He’s basically changed the course of media history by his leadership of the Local Media Consortium, getting big and small companies to work together in the same sandbox. As a result of his efforts, traditional media companies are accruing greater leverage in the digital space."

Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates

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