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We create unique business solutions for your business.

Why settle for cookie-cutter approaches to your business challenges and needs? At Extol Digital, we listen to clients and apply our expertise to create plans and implement solutions helping them achieve their specific goals and business objectives.

We are a boutique firm leveraging the decades-long experience of our top-level talent to deliver results only achievable through personal attention and care.

Let’s talk about what’s possible for your business!


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We create unique business solutions for businesses.

Our extensive management experience leading small, medium and large-sized businesses at the strategic and operational level helps our team provide clients with winning tactics for today and a clear roadmap to tomorrow’s success.  Areas where our strategic and operational expertise is applied include:

Digital & Transformation Strategies

Where do you want to take your business and how will you get there? We’ll help you realize your vision by working closely with you and your team to build customer-centric digital strategies amplifying efficiencies, and increasing revenues and market share.

Customer Strategy & Marketing

How well do you know your customers? How do you attract more customers? Real growth is a by-product of positive strategic and operational answers to both. Our team of experts works closely with clients to better understand and segment customers, and develop operating and strategic marketing and branding plans focused on customer retention and growth.

Social Media Consultancy

Are you confused or overwhelmed by the plethora of social media marketing options available to you? Do you understand how to measure social media’s impact on your business? Our team of experts will work with you to develop an impactful social strategy addressing your goals and providing a clear impact assessment. From simple consulting to social media management to SEO/SEM to email marketing to website development, we’ve got the expertise to maximize your investment. Whether you, a team or an outside agency handle social media for your business, we know we can improve outcomes.

Custom Consulting 

Does your business need help with an area not covered above? While Extol Digital doesn’t have answers for every business challenge or need, our team’s more than 50 years collective operational and strategic experience and expertise covers areas including:

  • Business development

  • Strategic partnership development

  • Strategic planning

  • Organizational structure & development

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